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How to increase off-peak vending and coffee sales: Happy Hours and remote price change How to increase off-peak vending and coffee sales: Happy Hours and remote price change

February 2, 2022

Every vending and coffee operator loves and depends on peak hours. People are standing in line for coffee, snacks are rolling off the shelves, all the machines are put to constant use—it's the most profitable time of the day.
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Five Useful Reports for Coffee Operators Five Useful Reports for Coffee Operators

January 11, 2022

Great coffee at the office is no longer considered a perk but a basic necessity. Ideally, it can even lure remote employees into the office from time to time just for a foamy latte or a rejuvenating shot of espresso. This means that OCS operators have their work cut out for them.
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Message from CEO Welcoming 2022 Message from CEO Welcoming 2022

January 3, 2022

I’m proud to say that while 2021 might have slowed the world down, it certainly didn’t stop us. 2021 turned out to be another successful year for Vendon with new and exciting product releases and improvements.
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Machine Monitoring Explained Machine Monitoring Explained

December 13, 2021

One of the greatest advantages of a connected machine is knowing its status at all times. However, as your fleet grows, keeping up with the abundance of information may become overwhelming. Yet, there is no need for despair. Vendon IoT and telemetry platform offers the best of both worlds.
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Improve Stock Throughput with Product Profiles Improve Stock Throughput with Product Profiles

November 23, 2021

The easiest way to refill a vending or coffee machine is to stuff it to the brim with products at each visit and leave. Yet, this approach is risky as all products do not sell equally well in all locations – the result might be expired and unsold stock, and revenue loss.
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Greener Business with Vendon Greener Business with Vendon

November 10, 2021

Care for the environment is on everyone's agenda these days, with the overproduction of goods, global warming and single-use plastics clearly taking center stage. Waste is a by-product of the vending and coffee business as well, from plastic-lined coffee cups to the disposal of expired snacks. The industry is looking for ways to...
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Cash Control for Vending and Coffee Machines Cash Control for Vending and Coffee Machines

October 15, 2021

With contactless payments, life is easy – log into Vendon Cloud, watch sales roll in, and receive a daily payout. But that's still quite far from today's reality. The majority of vending and coffee machines still accept cash payments, which makes a robust cash control solution an absolute necessity.
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5 Reasons to Catch the Contactless Wave 5 Reasons to Catch the Contactless Wave

October 6, 2021

Revenue is the most important KPI of almost any business. In the vending and coffee industry, revenue growth can be achieved by stocking the right products, placing the machine in the right location, and offering the right payment methods. Historically, vending and coffee machines have been all about cash. But over the last two....
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