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Marta Fisere Product Manager at Vendon

It’s time for another meet-up with #teamVendon!

No secret, that we value passion and drive above everything. And surely, a team that is fully dedicated to a common goal and values, is the best to work with – we won’t tire of reminding it again and again.

But someone has to hold that passion under a bit of control too, right? Or at least, point the way, where to drive all that potential. This is where Marta Fišere, Product Manager at Vendon, steps in and takes the stage. Determined, talented and very goal-driven – she definitely carries all the qualities for someone who has to oversee the very complicated process of turning ideas and sometimes even abstract wishes into tangible, efficient and operational results in the form of new telemetry products or solutions.

Meet Marta Fisere

Product Manager

Time at Vendon:
3 years

Home city:

Favorite snacks in the office:
An extra splash of sweet syrup in the afternoon coffee, along with homemade sweets that she brings to the office for colleagues

Hobbies outside the office:
Traveling and having a “foodie” experience all over the world

Vendon is proud to take in so many talented people, and Marta stands out as one of those who can easily take by surprise some of the most experienced players in the industry. What sets her apart is not just her technical proficiency but also her strategic mindset and the ability to navigate the complexities of product development with finesse.

Product Manager at Vendon

Marta doesn’t hide that the beginning was quite challenging and she was taken away by the vastness of the vending and coffee industry. Plus, the complexity of product provided by Vendon didn’t make it easier. Now she remembers with a smile the very first steps into the vending and telemetry world. “I just couldn’t imagine that this industry is that extensive”, she recalls. “Everything was novel, and I found myself overwhelmed with a lot of new information. At the time, I truly had no idea what I had gotten myself into.”

All roads lead to Vendon

When asked about her journey to joining the Vendon team, Marta openly shares her aspiration to pursue a role close to product development, aligning with her overall career goals of securing a position as a product owner or manager. Driven by this determination, Marta actively sought job opportunities that encompassed this experience. Initially, she set her sights on becoming an IT project manager on junior level, recognizing that this role would provide the practical involvement in the process she was eager to be a part of.

Lucky encounter and well-positioned Instagram ad prompted Marta to apply for a position at Vendon, despite her background not aligning perfectly with the specified requirements. She now confesses with a laugh that the test required to progress to the next round of interviews actually became a learning experience for her and during the task itself she gained a lot of useful knowledge. Talk about courage and determination!

Today, Vendon can be only glad that Marta’s potential wasn’t missed and she became a part of the team. Starting as a junior project manager, she quite quickly proved herself and earned the next role, becoming a Product Manager – a position she was so looking forward to in the beginning.

What is Marta’s superpower at Vendon?

“I think one quality I really value in myself is the ability to empathize, and it’s a big part of my daily work. It helps me understand what people think about a product and what they truly need. This applies to everyone involved in the product development process, from the initial idea to when it reaches the customer,” Marta shares.

Marta Fisere Travelling

And we can only agree to that – a great product manager doesn’t just introduce a cool new product; they introduce something meaningful that people actually want and will use in real life.

The Product Manager must keep the big picture in mind at all times, meaning that not all features that are required by the end-user should be developed while also not all ideas provided by the development team will be necessary for the product users. “In my daily work, another superpower I simply must do is playing the role of a translator between two worlds: product development and business operations,” she says with a light chuckle.

“Very often I act as the link between these two sides, turning overall business goals into product development requirements. But it goes the other way too; my job is to give the commercial team a full picture of why a product or solution will only work in a specific way and what are the realistic options for how we can develop or improve them.”

Marta Fisere

What advice would Marta give to herself when starting her career at Vendon?

The best advice, in my opinion, would be to remind myself that it’s okay not to understand everything at the beginning and not to be afraid of it,” Marta admits. She adds that this was the advice she received from the Head of R&D, Anita Petrova. “To keep in mind the overall picture and to absorb the details with time. The industry is very complex and layered, it is impossible to grasp everything at once.”

The daily work and tasks of Product Manager

Asked about her favorite job duties, Marta admits that one of the most exciting yet complex tasks is planning the roadmap for further product development. “It brings such satisfaction to bring together this puzzle piece by piece,” she shares. “The planning process together with the team is very inspiring and shows the course for further innovation. Additionally, I am very fond of tasks related to the user interface, where we create new solutions or features that introduce improvements that end-users really need.”

It’s impossible to miss the enthusiasm and passion that Marta radiates when sharing her experience in product development. With a team composed of such dedicated individuals, we are confident that Vendon’s products and solutions are not only highly user-friendly but also tailored to meet the actual needs of our users.

The daily life and stepping outside the office

“Honestly, I can’t imagine my day without people and technology,” she laughs, acknowledging it might sound a bit cliché. “And definitely coffee!”

While technology plays a significant role in her life, Marta reflects on how much our daily lives are influenced by it. And, truly, behind all the technological advancements, there are humans.

“It makes me ponder how these technologies, developed by teams of people, can still be full of bugs. Bugs are everywhere; trust me, I know,” she smirks. “And I think sometimes we forget that most of the technical progress is still made by people.”

Marta with colleaguesOutside of work, Marta can often be found experimenting in the kitchen. She loves to try out new recipes and ingredients. “I enjoy testing different flavors, creating something new and discovering new dishes,” she says. This passion for food also ties into another interest of hers – traveling. “For me, traveling opens up the world – there is so much to see, so much to explore. I’m afraid of regretting not experiencing enough, so I try to soak in as much as possible. And trying different national foods is a great way to get to know other cultures and people. And I love to see how other nations are living their daily lives. Food is underrated in this regard, but it’s actually a big part of our daily routine and reflects the characteristics of different regions.”

When asked about her best life experience so far, Marta has a simple reply: I try to make every day the best one. Of course, there are ups and downs, but understanding that I am solely responsible for creating my life the way I want it to be helps me face any challenges and enjoy even small everyday things.”

Discussing what are the topics that Marta feels passionate about, she admits to having a strong desire for society to be more empathetic, and for those who have the decision-making power, be as much informed as possible about the individuals they govern over.

“I think that people in these positions are obliged to open up their perspective, to learn about different layers of society, and to see everyone. It’s through this approach that they can make the most optimal decisions, covering the interests of all. And that’s why I love traveling so much – to grasp the daily lives of completely different communities.”

Marta is also very passionate about user interface design in everyday life – in the cityscape, daily applications, or even her daily route to the office – Marta is all about efficiency and finding the most optimal solution for everything.

Isn’t Vendon fortunate to have Marta on board? Marta’s expertise and passion for the world of technology, along with her insightful approach to product development and problem-solving, make her an invaluable asset to Vendon, and we know it! Besides, her determination is a wonderful example to learn from, reminding us that keeping the end goal in mind can pay off in the most rewarding ways.

Thank you, Marta, for your passion—it drives us all forward!


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