QuickPik – the Safest Way to Build Employee Loyalty

QuickPik by Vendon

QuickPik by Vendon is a loyalty program that allows using an easily adjustable bonus system upon the vendor’s choice. Be it your employees who have earned their reward or clients who could benefit from a customized loyalty program, the options are limitless. QuickPik is one of the safest ways to pursue a regular reward-based system integrated with Vendon IoT management suite, that can build your employees’ satisfaction with their workplace or make your brand even more attractive in customers’ eyes.

QuickPik at the regular workplace

Employee benefits are now more relevant than ever, with companies struggling to attract and retain talent. Free coffee and snacks as one of the perks are the new normal already, not an exception anymore. However, in semi-public spaces, such as schools or hospitals, where the coffee and vending machines are frequented by both staff and visitors, providing benefits can seem complicated. But it does not have to be. With QuickPik, employees can drink all the coffee they want free of charge while visitors pay full price for their cup of joe. If there’s a limited number of free snacks you want each staff member to take, setting up a bonus scheme for your use case only takes a few seconds.

There’s also something for closed spaces, like regular offices and warehouses, especially if there are few or no lunch spots in the vicinity. In this case, installing a vending machine that sells fresh food, like sandwiches and salads, is a clever solution. Employers can subsidize these meals either partially or fully with QuickPik. Having onsite meals have been shown to boost productivity, create social bonds and raise the job satisfaction rate.

QuickPik in an industrial setting

In factories, warehouses and other industrial settings employees usually need specific tools and equipment to perform their duties – from gloves and cut-proof vests to knives, screwdrivers and blades. However, free access to these supplies will often lead to inadequate consumption as availability trumps necessity; that is just human psychology.

Introducing a vending machine with an access control mechanism can help cut costs in half: even if there is no limit on the type and number of products an employee can take, the simple act of having to identify oneself by tapping a card before each product retrieval is enough to reduce unnecessary consumption. With QuickPik, you can already cover this use case – moreover, allowances can be limited, for instance, a certain number of products on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Still, some equipment and tools require stricter access control based on employee duties, seniority and other factors. This year, QuickPik by Vendon will include the functionality to handle this case – product-based access rights. What does it mean? Simply speaking, employers will be able to control which products employees can retrieve using the QuickPik solution. For instance, only certain employees can take high visibility vests while gloves are freely available to everyone. Stay tuned for more information!

QuickPik in the hospitality industry

One of the main advantages of the QuickPik solution is the ability to connect a customer to a sale, that is, to track the spending history of any QuickPik user. This makes it a perfect solution for the hospitality industry.

Upon arrival, the hotel guest receives an NFC card with an unlimited allowance; the guest can use the card to get items from the vending machine or the coffee machine without having to look for change or use their personal payment card (and without having to wait to be served). At the end of the stay, the hotel staff can simply look up the list of sales made with the NFC card and invoice the customer at checkout. Thanks to the seamless APIs provided by Vendon, the transactions can be imported straight into the ERP system used by the hotel. This way, the customer has access to an easy and less time-consuming payment option as well as a nicely wrapped up one-time payment at the end of the visit.

An additional benefit here is the ease of machine maintenance – no worries about missing a change in the tubes, and no commission for cashless purchases. This is especially important in international settings, as the customers may not always have a change in the local currency, and transaction fees for international payment cards are usually considerably higher than for local debit and credit cards. Besides, the quick and easy cashless and contactless payment option opens the customer to more spontaneous purchases.

To sum up

These are just a few of the scenarios that can be used to profit from introducing the QuickPik loyalty program to your employees and customers. Vendon improves the program continuously by gaining insights from client feedback and adding new features that allow adapting to each business creating an individual bonus package targeted for a particular audience and services. While we believe that smart vending is the key to an increase in profits, it can grow loyalty to your brand as well.

To learn more about how Vendon QuickPik can help advance your business, reach out to us at grow@vendon.net or your local Vendon Distributor.


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