New Solution for Remote Control of Reverse Vending Machines

Vendon Cloud Reverse Vending

Vendon has expanded its product range by developing an IoT solution to help reverse vending machine operators track and manage their fleets remotely. The solution allows individuals and institutions running deposit refund schemes to streamline their operations, by gaining insights into machine usage patterns and unlocking remote configuration of the machines and permitted products.

Sustainability and efficiency

Today, reverse vending features are relevant and significant in product package circulation and sustainability. In addition to providing standard telemetry products and solutions, Vendon collaborated with Sielaff — one of the world’s leading brands for sustainable, successful vending machine solutions — to integrate reverse vending features in its telemetry system due to repeated user requests.

The remote reverse vending machine management solution lets operators simultaneously update their entire machine fleet. For example, having renewed the EAN database by adding or removing products, each machine requires updating, due to systematic changes in the product range. The Vendon solution enables these updates to be made remotely, saving significant time and money compared to re-setting each machine on site.

The launch comes at a time when numerous European countries are looking to introduce deposit refund schemes to meet the requirements set out by the European Green Deal.

‘With deposit refund schemes spiking in popularity and governments looking into deploying sizable fleets, it is becoming increasingly important to have efficient and centralized oversight and management of reverse vending machines,’ – Düll Thomas, Developer at R&D Sielaff said. ‘This is now made possible by Vendon’s IoT solution. Together, we’re making this green initiative simpler and more cost-effective.’

Smooth technical support

Vendon’s solution keeps operators updated about the status and performance of their machines by providing teams with container collection data and technical details, including error and power issue notifications. Additionally, machines can now be configured remotely. This includes most settings—credit system, product detection, drop direction, credit mode, language, and currency—as well as product permissions.

Kristians Vebers, CEO at Vendon, said “with reverse vending, as with traditional vending, a significant portion of operational costs is made up by machine maintenance. Typically, that would mean traveling to a machine, manually updating settings or fixing errors, and repeating this for each machine in the fleet. Now, operators can solve most challenges remotely and only travel when necessary, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency.”

Next steps

Currently, the solution supports Sielaff reverse vending machines. By upgrading the solution, Vendon plans to introduce support for other machine manufacturers in the future.

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