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Navigating the world of Vendon is an exciting journey, and we understand that you may have some burning questions. In this article, we’ll explore frequently asked questions to provide clarity on what Vendon offers from a machine monitoring and management perspective. Shall we begin?

What remote changes can be made to a machine?

Depending on the machine model, Vendon Telemetry solution allows to change prices, adjust recipes, modify the menu and even change pictures on the display of the machine – all remotely, one platform.

Will I be notified of any issues with the machine?

Yes! Vendon Event alerts allows you to receive notifications via email, text message or as a notification on Vendon Mobile app. The alerts are sent in near real-time so you will be instantly informed in case of an issue.

Is it possible to restart the machine remotely?

Absolutely! Using the Vendon add-on Reboot Plug, you can effortlessly restart the machine with just one click through Vendon Cloud. Did you know that a simple hard reset of the machine can resolve up to 70% of machine issues?

Can I track the temperature in my machines?

The temperature sensor is an add-on. When sensor is enabled, measurements are taken every two minutes. If the temperature goes out of range, instant notifications are sent via email, text, or the Vendon Mobile app.

We hope we have equipped you with valuable insights. Should you ever find yourself with more questions or ready to take the next step, our dedicated team is here to guide you. Let’s grow your business together! Get in touch with us at


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