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We believe that we have to take care of our team. Only people who come to work with joy every day will achieve the very best results

Our values

Our team consists of people who are friendly, fair, creative, inspirational, passionate, fearless, open to new ideas and who always think globally


We're always fair and honest towards ourselves, others and the work we do


We're not afraid to reach for new horizons, and, yes, make mistakes too


We take on any job, project, idea, or task with enthusiasm and energy

Working at Vendon, it won't be boring!

What is it really like to be one of us? Follow our daily activities and see for yourself!

Your future benefits

Flexible working hours

Wish to come to the office a bit later than usual? That’s OK, because at Draugiem Group you can start your day as late as 11 AM

Birthday gift

On your birthday you will receive many gifts, but one from us is going to be a paid day off so you can truly enjoy your birthday

Gym membership

Work out at our partner's gym as often as you wish

Development opportunities

If an employee is interested in participating in any conference or learn a new skill by attending some courses, we're 100% on the same page as them

Free to choose your tools

Prefer to work on Mac or Windows? Maybe you're a fan of Linux? Feel free to choose your tools, we will provide you with them

Modern work place

Our offices are modern, spacious and equipped with latest technology to ensure a comfortable working environment for everyone


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What do our employees say?



The length of the recruitment process depends on the amount of applications we receive and on how many steps each position has. Sometimes, more people are involved in selecting the right candidate, so it might take a bit longer for everyone to make a decision. We recruit while the vacancy is open – until the right person is found. We inform each candidate when his or her application advances to the next stage.

When selecting the most suitable candidate, we take into consideration not only a candidate’s knowledge and skills, but also previous experience in the role and/or industry. We also look at a candidate’s compliance with our values, culture and compatibility with the team they’ll be joining. If we have any doubts about any of these factors, we stop the recruitment process.

Our technical tasks give you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, and allow you to get insight into what your day-to-day tasks would be in the role. But don’t worry – you’ll still receive a technical task even if you don’t have job experience, but do have the necessary skills. Plus, our technical tasks give us the opportunity to see a candidate’s skills (programming, project management, sales or customer support) and shorten the recruitment process by interviewing only with the most suitable candidates.

When applying for a vacancy, you will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address specified in the application that the application has been received and will be considered. If you do not receive such an email, you may have entered an incorrect email address or a browser error has occurred. Try to do it again. If you still fail, feel free to write to

The remote work option is available regardless of how far from the office you live. Apply for any position that has a remote work option available.

If you will perform a creative technical task during the selection process, submit a portfolio of the developed works, we ensure 100% confidentiality and we will not use the information provided for other purposes.

Yes, we will gladly consider your candidacy for different positions at the same time!

Growth opportunities depend on each employee’s individual abilities and desire to improve. If you show yourself as a dedicated and motivated employee, opportunities for growth will follow.

Yes, an internship in Vendon is possible. Please sign up for news on our website, and you will always be informed about the latest job and internship offers. Remember that you can always write to and tell us what kind of internship you want to do, for how long, etc. During the internship at Vendon, the intern receives the necessary technical support, free lunch, the opportunity to participate in our events and guest lectures for free. The most important benefit of the internship is the consultation of industry specialists and experts, so most often the internship is unpaid.

Vendon is the flexible start of the working day. This means that you can come to work until 11:00 and work 8 hours from the moment of arrival. In certain positions, working hours may differ – it is discussed individually with each employee.

Although we do not offer part-time work opportunities, we show special favor to fellow students, so they have the opportunity to adapt their workload to their study schedule.

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