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Veronika about work in Vendon

We are always glad to get to know more about our business partners, customers, and any other friends of Vendon. Thus, we would like to return the favor and start a series of articles #GetToKnowVendon offering a deeper insight into our day at the office and a closer look at our team members.

There is something worth knowing about every person you meet. Vendon team is no exception as each of us has some hidden talents, well-formed opinions on particular matters, and overall quite different personalities. It is safe to say that some exciting bits are coming to light in this story-telling process. Get ready for a fun read and get to know more about your daily business partner, and, hey, we are joining the ride as some facts are new even to all of us. 

Meet Veronika Malnača

Global IoT project manager

Time at Vendon:
8 years and counting

Home city:

Favorite snacks in the office:
Fruits and coffee

Hobbies outside the office:

Veronika is one of the truly invaluable members of Vendon’s team. Veronika, or as we are used to calling her – Vero, has been with the company for several years, and in that time, she has become quite a fire that brings warmth to everyone around her. 

The first thing you must know about her is that her passion for Vendon is really contagious, and she has loads of knowledge about the company that makes her such a valuable asset to the team. From her first day on the job, Veronika has worked tirelessly to learn everything there is to know about Vendon, from products and services to its values and culture. She is one of the team members that seem to have gone through all the processes that occur at Vendon – be it support for the company’s clients and partners, the packaging process of vBoxes, or marketing activities. Her dedication and hard work have made her one of the core elements of the company, and her colleagues can always safely rely on her expertise and insights. 

Now, Veronika has landed her position as the Global IoT project manager and embodies the role of our very own rockstar while promoting Vendon products and solutions all over the world. In this employee branding article series, we take a closer look at her personality and her impact on Vendon and its people.

Why Vendon and why sales?

It was back in 2015 when Veronika finished her graduate studies in London, acquiring a degree in International Business and Marketing studies, and was looking for her next challenge to tackle career-wise. One thing was for sure, she wanted to return to her home country and, luckily, there was a company that caught her eye – Draugiem Group. They were different in their approach to work organization, attentive attitude to employee well-being, and had a really different work philosophy for that time. But what really caught Veronika’s attention – they had global reach and ambitions to be present with their products and solutions internationally.

“It was very important for me to be a part of a company that was striving to be visible globally”, Veronika recalls. “The global stage was very tempting and, as I had just finished my studies abroad in the UK, I wanted to remain a part of the international community.”

Draugiem Group ticked all the boxes and after a few successful rounds of interviews, Veronika was hired. Although Veronika aimed for another company in the group, a lucky encounter occurred, and the HR team asked if she would be up for the challenge to become part of a new and very small team at that time, launching an innovative product – a telemetry solution for coffee and vending machines. Being the “yes” person she is, Veronika didn’t think twice and took the position of the Head of Marketing at Vendon.

Veronika might be one of the rare team members that really knows it all. Although the job position claimed that she had to get busy with marketing activities, the real-life situation at the beginning was a small team of only 5 or 6 people who had to take care of all company’s processes regardless of their actual work tasks on paper. So, Veronika has issued invoices, packed devices for client orders, organized exhibitions, applied Vendon for financial grants with their unique product, worked as support handling incoming inquiries and resolving problem situations for customers, and really everything else along with marketing duties. But, as hard as it was at the beginning, it is one of her greatest assets now to have such extensive know-how of the company’s processes inside out.blank

So, the path to her current position as Global IoT project manager in sales was not that straightforward. Yet, as the company grew and the necessity for good sales representatives became crucial, it was really hard to not notice that Veronika was a natural at promoting Vendon and had all the knowledge about the product. Besides, she definitely was (and still is) a people person which is imperative for a good salesperson. Soon enough, Veronika took over the sales processes and was ready to take on the challenge of promoting her passion and love for Vendon products to the whole world. Her fearless attitude was appraised with the Best Employee reward in 2017, proving that she surely has settled into the right position.

 “It has been quite a ride”, Veronika grins remembering the very first years at Vendon. But as complicated as it has been, the spark in her eyes hasn’t worn off one bit and the excitement about being part of the Vendon is as fresh as at the beginning of her career. 

Main superpower 

Veronika’s path to her current position definitely shows a courageous and adventurous spirit. She is proud to claim that her ability to say “yes” to the biggest challenges has been nothing but rewarding and is one of her superpowers that allow handling tasks that seem unsolvable. blank

“It’s my very own personal game I call Bullshit Bingo”, she laughs. “I will always say “Yes, we can do it!” to any question. And my biggest asset is that I am completely sure that I will find a way how to do it, even if there is not a visible solution at hand at that very moment”.

Her confidence in the product and accumulated knowledge are a solid base for playing the game of “Yes, I can”, and it has been proven numerous times as Veronika has brought in some of the most pivotal clients for Vendon business till today, all done by her adventurous spirit and stubbornness in proving that our product is the best available in the market.

What advice would Veronika give to your younger self when starting a career in a company?

“Don’t worry that much about what you don’t know yet is the main thing I would remind my younger self”, Veronika says admitting that this is the advice she would love to receive upon starting her work at Vendon. “Our product is very technical, very complicated and it is quite impossible to grasp all about it at once. It takes time.” Veronika also adds that this is the advice she gives to the newest members of the team, reassuring them that all knowledge will come naturally, at the right time.

Most favorite thing about her job 

“Communicating with different people, definitely”, she says with visible excitement. “I love people, I love talking to them and I love helping them with our product in solving their problems. That is my main prize, my main satisfaction to see that I and Vendon can help to improve their daily business and make their lives easier.” 

Veronika admits that such close relationships with clients often bring much joy and remind her why she loves her job so much. “One of our clients, after implementing Vendon products and solutions in their business, admitted that our technology has relieved their work schedule so much that now he has much more free time to spend with grandkids”, she recalls. “The fact that I helped achieve this means everything!”

It is no secret, that working with people on a daily basis, takes a lot of energy. Veronika’s job is one of the most demanding positions, as she has to be available for clients all over the world. “It does not tire me,” Veronika smiles. “I love interacting with people and it gives me even more energy. I really enjoy taking care of my closest ones, and I extend it not only to my close family members and friends but also at the office.” And that is all true as the Vendon team is often spoiled by delicious treats that Veronika brings to the office and she definitely knows the subtle art of small and kind gestures to brighten the day of any colleague. “I just love making people happy,” she says and adds that she is used to spoiling all those close to her. “I love that people around me feel good – that way it creates the best energy and, really, we all benefit from it.”

Outside office

blank“I can’t live without my training sessions and sports activities”, Veronika admits. “Physical activities are very important for me and always have been. I can’t imagine my days without some extra sports, be it strength training in the gym or outdoor activities. I love going out in nature, I even chose the current city I live in because of the close proximity to woods, hiking trails, and fresh air.” Asked about the work and life balance, Veronika admits that nature is the source of her energy and power, a place where she heads to release emotions and clear her mind. “All that energy I go through the day has to be put somewhere, and time alone is my retreat,” Veronika says, adding that it is also imperative that her hobbies include a way to express her creativity, thus she loves painting and playing piano, as it calms and centers her. 

What is the one topic Veronika is passionate about? 

blankTurns out that apart from Vendon, Veronika’s heart is also set on gastronomy and cooking. She even has her own food blog she hopes to revive. “Cooking has been my passion hobby for a long time”, she says. “I really long to return to at a larger capacity someday.” 

Imaginary movie or fairy tale character that could be Veronika’s prototype or inspiration

“It is very important for me to remain free at my will, free in my spirit”, says Veronika. “Thus, I truly relate to the popular character Elizabeth Swann from The Pirates of the Caribbean, a girl who was not afraid to break out of imposed life to her and follow her natural need for adventures.” And, really, Veronika is our very own inspiration on how to live as her authentic self. Where she goes, there are fireworks, all because she stays honest with herself and expresses her character fully, regardless of the situation.

“One word, love: curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. This is what Jack Sparrow said to Elizabeth Swann and I embody this quote fully and completely,” she says with sparks in her eyes. “I want to remain true to my honest self always and take on any adventures that wait for me around the corner. Because I can and because I simply want to.”


Veronika truly embodies the spirit Vendon is proud to support and motivate – for anyone to feel at work as their true selves, follow their goals passionately and take on all the challenges ahead. Our team is made of people who are united in their devotion to work all the while being devoted to their personal dreams as well. Veronika is here to remind us that life can be a party as long as you want it to be, regardless of place and time. She teaches us to be courageous and adventurous and that truly all is possible if you set your mind to it. 

Thank you, Vero, for being part of Vendon, we are lucky to have you!


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