Get to Know Vendon: The Problem-Solving Pro Ralfs

Continuing on our journey to get to know Vendon, another meet-up with #VendonTeam is here!

Here at Vendon, teamwork really does make the dream work. When everyone in the team is driven by shared goals, ideas, and a passion for what they do, there is almost nothing you can’t do. And we’re truly happy to have some amazing and talented people at Vendon, pushing the limits every day.

In this article series, we meet up with the inspiring people of Vendon who are the true driving force behind all our products, solutions, and continuous growth throughout the years.

A key part of our day-to-day business is logistics as we’re always in the process of manufacturing our telemetry devices and delivering them to our clients as well as the many other steps that come in between. Let’s dive deeper and look behind the scenes of the logistics processes in Vendon and how complex and busy it gets.

Meet Ralfs Heinsbergs

Logistics Project Manager
Time at Vendon: 4 and a half years
Home City: Tukums
Favorite snacks in the office: Coffee or Coca-Cola and homemade sweets by colleagues
Hobbies outside the office: Music, drawing, and doing work around the house

Ralfs is one of the true powerhouses of Vendon, managing all procurement and delivery processes, making sure our vBox and payment devices are delivered to customers safely and on time, overseeing our product manufacturing process, making sure our warehouse is in order and many more crucial tasks. A logistics mastermind and an expert at solving problems quickly and efficiently, Ralfs stands out with his practical, can-do attitude as well as an amazing sense of humor and positivity always shining through.

Leading up to Vendon

Ralfs found his way to Vendon over four years ago, initially joining as Data Administrator and Logistics Specialist. At university, he studied Computer Science and he developed an interest in Project Management. Ralfs had some experience with data administration, transportation organizing, record keeping, and project implementation which is why he was interested in the position at Vendon.

Reflecting on his decision to join Vendon, Ralfs recalls being drawn to the innovative spirit of Draugiem Group, of which Vendon was a part before becoming part of the Azkoyen Group. He appreciated the modern approach and employee-centric culture of the company, which was exactly what he was looking for.

One memorable moment from Ralfs’ early days at Vendon was during his interview, where he was asked an intriguing question by the CEO:

“If you were a vegetable, which vegetable would you be?”. Ralfs smiles, “I said that I would be a potato: a typical Latvian – very universal and goes great with everything.”

He also laughs, remembering how during his interview process he had an injured finger, which made it difficult to do test tasks and even sign the contract but despite that, Ralfs joined Vendon, diving headfirst into the complex world of vending and telemetry.

It’s no secret that the industry is quite intricate – as Ralfs adds: “Of course, there is a lot to learn for anyone starting in this industry and it takes time to adapt but I also believe that I don’t need to know everything. It’s important for me to have knowledge in my field of work and I know that I can always go to my colleagues with any questions.”

What is Ralfs' superpower in Vendon?

“Definitely stress resistance – in my field of work, if some mishap happens, then everything goes in a chain – like dominoes. You have to quickly react to problems and solve them just as quickly. I like to think outside of the box and look at any obstacles from many aspects, which helps to overcome them.”

Ralfs is a real go-getter in the way that he deals with his long list of duties and any problems that arise. It’s no secret that logistics involves many processes and details that have to be taken care of.

Talking about his job, Ralfs says: “The challenging part is to make sure everything goes as planned. When your work largely depends on many stakeholders – manufacturers, suppliers, logistics companies, etc. then everything originally planned is often postponed or delayed – you always have to plan for the unexpected.” Ralfs truly excels in his ability to quickly address and resolve challenges as they arise. He highlights the important role of planning and multitasking in his work, which allows him to manage many responsibilities with efficiency and precision, delivering high-quality results.


What advice would Ralfs give to himself when starting his career at Vendon?

“I would probably tell him to not stress about everything so much – it’s not necessary to do everything flawlessly, some things can be done quickly and imperfectly. That’s exactly the reason why one of our slogans at Vendon is “Better done than perfect”.”

The daily work and tasks of Logistics Project Manager

When asked about his role at Vendon, Ralfs says

 “I do everything to create something special from scratch and make sure that it arrives at the customer’s door. While my daily responsibilities can be quite stressful, they are far from boring.”

At the heart of his responsibilities is overseeing the manufacturing process of Vendon vBox devices. Ralfs collaborates closely with our trusted partners who produce our devices managing the procurement of essential materials such as antennas, boxes, wires, cables, metal parts, and more. Ralfs also makes sure that our warehouse is organized and ensures a stable and reliable supply chain, guaranteeing timely deliveries for our customers. Moreover, Ralfs handles invoicing and carefully manages data administration, ensuring the smooth functioning of our ERP system and efficient order processing. Ralfs really does do a bit of everything and his problem-solving skills are top-notch. He smiles: “It’s funny – our Spanish colleagues call me the MacGyver of Vendon.”


In addition to these crucial tasks, Ralfs takes care of the onboarding process for our customers – he is the person our customers turn to when they want to start using Vendon payment devices. Ralfs’ dedication, commitment to customer satisfaction, and passion for maintaining order make him a key player in the Vendon team. Ralfs and the whole team are always working with our customer’s needs in mind, ensuring the best possible service and experience, from on-time delivery to easy everyday use.

Ralfs adds: “Working at Vendon has been a continuous learning journey for me. Each day presents new challenges that require quick problem-solving and learning new skills on the go, which means you’re always growing.”

When asked about his favorite part about his job, he says: “I get the most joy from seeing projects run smoothly without rescheduling multiple times, like a well-oiled machine. The tangible aspect of my work, such as when a new cable is crafted, a metal part is made or a device is assembled and I can see it work on a vending or coffee machine, brings a sense of fulfillment that is unmatched in my field.”

Daily life outside the office

Outside of work, Ralfs embraces practicality just like at the office – since moving into his new home, he enjoys doing jobs around the house such as chopping firewood, tending to the garden with planting and digging, and ensuring everything is in order. Music holds a special place in Ralfs’ heart as well – he adds:

“When time allows, I return to my old hobbies – playing the piano and guitar, drawing and singing in a choir.”

Staying physically active is another priority for Ralfs, and he makes time for exercising every 2 days, either going for a run or lifting weights.

The True Master of Many Skills


Ralfs is a true master of many skills, effortlessly handling the complexities of data administration, logistics, and procurement with a smile. His talent for problem-solving and multitasking shines through as he tackles each challenge with an open mind. Ralfs brings a positive energy to his work, finding fulfillment in coming up with practical solutions that bring added value not only to Vendon but to our customers. Whether he’s coordinating the production of Vendon vBox devices or ensuring smooth warehouse operations, Ralfs helps us create high-quality devices and meet the needs of our customers every day.

Cheers to Ralfs, the MVP of Vendon! Your dedication and positivity keep us moving forward!


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