How to add Vendon card reader to a vending machine?

Vendon Card Reader

If you want to start accepting card payments on your vending machine, one of your first questions is likely – how to add a card reader to a vending machine. But before we go into this, let’s explore some of the key factors you should first pay attention to in order to ensure a successful and secure integration.

When choosing a contactless card reader, there are several things to take into account

Integration with Existing Systems
Choose a contactless card reader that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, for example, other payment solutions. This way, you can avoid the hassle of major system overhauls.

Make sure that the chosen contactless card reader is compatible with your vending machine model and effortlessly links up with the payment processing system you plan to use.

Payment Technology Standards
Verify that the contactless card reader sticks to widely accepted payment tech standards, like NFC (Near Field Communication), to ensure it is compatible with various contactless cards and mobile payment methods.

Speed and Efficiency
Contactless payments are all about being fast and easy. Choose a card reader that makes transactions quick and smooth to boost the overall user experience.

Reliability and Durability
Make sure that the contactless card reader is built to withstand the environmental conditions of a vending machine. It should be durable, resistant to tampering, and capable of reliable performance in the long haul.

Network Connectivity
Check if the contactless card reader requires network connectivity. Make sure your vending machine has a solid and secure network connection to support those contactless transactions.

When looking for the right contactless card reader for your business, it’s important to consider a combination of factors to ensure a seamless customer experience and ease of operations. Integration and compatibility with your existing machines and systems are essential for secure and smooth transactions. Based on your business needs and specifics, you should consider the various contactless payment methods you want to accept and ensure that the card reader can execute transactions quickly and seamlessly. Not only that but practical aspects like the durability of the card reader and network connectivity are crucial to ensure top-notch performance.

Vendon Contactless Reader is a great choice for a card reader that allows customers to choose from multiple payment methods and pay effortlessly. Different payment options include contactless debit & credit cards, NFC mobile, smart device payments, and closed-loop payment methods.

The whole Vendon ecosystem, including contactless payments, is operating according to the highest security standards. Vendon Payments are PCI DSS L1 Service Provider compliant. The Vendon Contactless Reader is designed with durability in mind and is capable of withstanding all kinds of conditions. Keep reading to learn how to add Vendon card reader to a vending machine.

How to add Vendon card reader to a vending machine in simple steps

If you have decided to upgrade your vending machines with Vendon card reader and are wondering how to add a card reader to a vending machine – the process is straightforward and can be done in simple steps. Please note that Vendon Contactless card reader works only with a previously installed vBox2 device and only in the EEA zone.

5 main steps on how to add Vendon card reader to a vending machine:

1. Gather Necessary Tools and Equipment
Depending on the type of vending machine, you will need tools such as a drill and screwdrivers. The Vendon Contactless Card Reader comes in a set with a connection cable, drill template, mounting plate, and decorative plate. Make sure you have everything required for the installation, according to the Contactless Card Reader Installation Manual by Vendon.

2. Power Off the Vending Machine and locate the Payment System Interface
Before making any modifications, turn off the vending machine and unplug it to ensure safety during the installation process. Identify the location of the payment system interface in your vending machine. This is where you will connect the card reader.

3. Install Hardware Components and connect to vBox2
During this step, it’s important to identify what protocol the machine is communicating in (see step No. 6 in the Installation Manual). After you have identified the protocol, connect the card reader to the payment system interface using the provided equipment in the set, according to the instructions. When the card reader is installed, the next step is to connect it to the vBox2 device, using the cables provided together with the vBox2.

4. Configure Settings
Follow the Installation Manual instructions to configure settings such as connectivity options, transaction preferences, and security features.

5. Integrate with Vending Machine Software
If necessary, integrate the card reader with the vending machine’s software or management system. This may involve updating firmware or making adjustments to the machine’s settings to recognize the new payment method.

For more in-depth steps and details on how to correctly install the Vendon Contactless reader, please refer to the Contactless Card Reader Installation Manual that comes together with the Card Reader device itself. Please note that the card reader manual is intended to be used with the vBox2 Installation Manual as the vBox2 device & contactless card reader are integral components of the Vendon payment terminal & card payments.

Why do our customers choose Vendon Contactless Payments?

Vendon Contactless Payments solution accepts all the most popular types of contactless payments including contactless credit and debit cards, mobile and smart device payments, and works with closed-loop payment systems. This makes it suitable for any location, be it a tabletop coffee machine in an office or a free-standing vending machine in a shopping center. Harnessing state-of-the-art IoT technology, the Vendon Contactless Reader emerges as the ultimate vending machine card reader. It empowers customers to seamlessly choose from multiple payment methods—an exceptional approach to converting onlookers into satisfied customers.

Vendon Solutions enable the most advanced and reliable IoT & telemetry solutions for vending and OCS businesses. Easy and remote machine management eliminates technical issues, maintains high-quality products, and makes invoicing more convenient.

Key takeaways

Integrating a Vendon card reader into your vending machine is a strategic move towards embracing all kinds of payment methods and enhancing customer convenience. The decision to add a card reader involves careful consideration of factors such as integration with existing systems, compatibility, adherence to payment technology, speed, efficiency, reliability, durability, and network connectivity.

The Vendon Contactless Reader stands out as an excellent choice, accommodating various payment methods and operating at the highest security standards. Ultimately, the integration of Vendon solutions presents a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to modernizing vending machine operations and delivering an enhanced experience for both operators and customers.

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