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Do you struggle with finding the best way to reward your employees with a bonus drink or snack? Would you like to have a tool that regulates work bonuses to prevent excessive payouts from coffee or vending machines? Or would you like to offer a discount or free goods to promote a vending machine for a specific location?

Join us in a FREE live webinar “Exploring Business Models with QuickPik: Real-Life Success Stories” on November 7th, where our Veronika Malnača will tune in to showcase the transformative power of QuickPik with inspiring use cases featuring clients who have seamlessly integrated our solutions into their businesses.

In this webinar, you’ll explore how businesses harness QuickPik to:

  • Empower clients with a cost control toolbox for free product offerings.
  • Diversify client needs by providing complimentary drinks while charging for extras.
  • Cultivate customer loyalty through the QuickPik app, ensuring repeating customers
  • Offset high transaction fees when subsidized are products offered

QuickPik by Vendon is a loyalty and mobile payment solution frequently used to increase consumer engagement. With the new and updated features, vending and coffee machine operators now have ample options to offer adjusted benefits for diverse business models, adapting to their particular needs and sales strategies. This is achieved via customizable discounts and recurring free product allowances at the vending and coffee machines. What makes QuickPik genuinely unique is that the solution fits both closed-loop and open-loop environments.

If you are always looking for ways to improve, this webinar is for you! Join Vendon webinar, where you can delve into real life vending and coffee business use cases implemented with the QuickPik app.

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