Evite visitas innecesarias y ahorre costes con la planificación de rutas

Route Planning Vendon

You will probably agree with thousands of other operators that visiting your machines for product refill, technical maintenance, and encashment is one of the most costly aspects of the business. Between fuel, salary, time, car depreciation, and other expenses, every unnecessary trip taken and inefficient route traveled results in money lost. 

With Vendon’s telemetry platform and Route Planning module, operators can eliminate these avoidable expenses and optimize their business by always visiting the right machines at the right time and with the right products and tools

How Route Planning helps operators

Vendon IoT ensures operators have access to real-time stock, technical, and encashment data through Vendon Cloud. Operators can then use the Route Planning feature to filter out which machines, for example, have stock levels below 50% or need technical maintenance, or use dozens of other filters individually or in combination. Once the operator has specified what machines need visiting, an easily overseeable list of tasks, locations, products, and tools is generated. 

Vendon Route Planning helps you identify these different scenarios, thereby ensuring an employee visits a machine with the right tools for each situation:

  • For product refill – with the right amount of products
  • For technical maintenance – with the appropriate working tools
  • For encashment – with the correct amount of cash

This way, employees are always in the know about what machines they need to visit and what they need to take with them to service the fleet successfully, eliminating all guesswork and unnecessary trips, and minimizing time spent at each location. Fewer trips also mean less contact with machines and other people, which is an added benefit to smart route planning in times of pandemic.

Tailored for your operations

Vendon Route Planning has been designed to provide a relevant list of machines that need attention. However, our easy-to-use filters allow you to define what classifies as relevant to ensure machines are managed correctly and according to the specifics of your business. 

Looking to collect cash from machines with over €500 in the cash box? There’s a cash amount filter. Looking to refill all machines with stock levels below 30%? There’s a stock level filter. Looking to replace products expiring soon? There’s an expiry date filter. 

There are filters for every scenario and need that allow operators define exactly at what point a machine deserves a visit. Plus, there is the option of creating your own filters. 

Of course, all the resulting routes can be saved as templates to ensure you don’t need to bother with setting filters every time. Once you find the setup(s) that work for you, it’s as easy as selecting an existing template, clicking generate, and… that’s it!  

Furthermore, businesses with larger machine fleets will appreciate additional filters, such as the employee filter, which allows employees to filter the machines that they’re directly responsible for. There are also location filters and customer filters, which enable smooth prioritization of machines. 

Additional features for easier management


Vendon Route Planning allows operators to track progress in the system since all completed actions for each vending or coffee machine must be registered.

Scheduled Picklist update

Vendon’s Scheduled Picklist update feature is handy for those who want to create routes in advance but do the picking the next day or later.

If schedules have been made a day before, there can be many changes in the stock levels. Now, you can update the stock values just before picking, thus minimizing the difference between products picked and products missing in the machine.

Task list

The most recent feature – Task list – allows to add additional miscellaneous tasks to each machine, such as wash the window, disinfect the buttons, replace products, write down the counters, or anything else that may be needed, to ensure that each machine is fully serviced in one trip and doesn’t require additional visits.  


Vendon Route Planning provides an essential and comprehensive set of tools for operators aiming to streamline and optimize their vending and coffee businesses, which allows to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce business expenses. 

No more useless trips, no more guesswork, no more wasted cash. Always be in the know about which machines need to be tended to and in what capacity and take your business to the next level with Vendon Route Planning. 

Start optimizing your coffee business today and boost your revenue – get in touch with us at grow@vendon.net or your local distributor.


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