Vendon Hardware

Complete telemetry solution

Everything in one device

Vendon vBox is a purpose-made hardware unit that collects data from vending and coffee machines and transmits the collected data over cellular network to a secure Vendon Cloud. All vBox user interactions are supported via the function button and confirmed with sound signals, allowing effortless management of the Vendon Telemetry solution.

vBox Advanced

vBox Advanced

Compatible with MDB, Executive, BDV, CCI protocols, Vendon vBox Advanced collects audit data from machines or payment devices and responds to server request with the collected data, which is further pushed to the server. With this connection, vBox Advanced can detect a high level of data coming from the machines.

vBox Master

Compatible with MDB, Executive, BDV and CCI-CSI protocols, Vendon vBox Master takes over control of the peripheral devices and allows to connect Executive, CCI-CSI machines to MDB peripherals. vBox Master provides full transaction information, as well as data from various add-ons, in real-time, and an option for a two-way communication with your machines.

vBox Master

2 Devices, 2 Solutions

Short comparison of Vendon vBox devices
vBox Advanced
vBox Master

Plug and Play Installation

Easy installation of Vendon telemetry solution.

EVA DTS Support

Daily audit readout for complete machine information.

Real-time Data

Real-time information about vending machine fleet status.

Remote Price Change

Ability to remotely change prices of products.

Remote Credit Push

Function to remotely push credit to consumer if desired product has not been received.

Remote Enabling/Disabling of Product Lines

Ability to remotely enable and disable certain product lines.

Complete Remote Control

Vendon vBox, very intelligently, takes over control of the vending machine.

Vendon LLC and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on February 7th, 2017 signed agreement No SKV-L-2017/63, which incorporates the project “Promotion of International competitiveness” that is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

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