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It’s important for coffee businesses to make sure their machines are properly working and making tasty coffee at all times. But without telemetry, maintaining all that becomes a real challenge as there is no data available to give an insight into what’s happening.

In locations where people are likely to be repeat customers and where coffee is a part of their routine, consumers seek a reliable experience that they can count on day in and day out.

So it is important to maintain a consistent taste and make sure your machines are always performing. With Vendon coffee machine software and telemetry solutions, it is an easy task to do.

Manage and monitor all your coffee machines on one platform

Cleaning reports

Clean your coffee machines in the evening, so customers get fresh-brewed coffee the next day. Our cleaning reports tell if any cups have been made after the final cleaning of the day. With this information at hand, taste and quality questions are easily addressed and customers always enjoy fresh coffee.

Downtime reports

Machine downtime leads to lost sales and revenue. It is the highest priority for coffee operators to pay attention to any technical issues and take action immediately. With our downtime reports, quickly identify machines that require attention instead of waiting for a call from an unhappy customer.

Component usage

With the growing pay-per-ingredient model, there’s a risk that customers source their coffee beans elsewhere to cut costs — and it can directly affect revenue. With this useful report, compare the number of beans delivered to customers with the actual ingredient consumption, therefore easily spot any inconsistencies.

Sales overview

It can be challenging to find the perfect spot for your coffee machine, where it is used the planned amount of times. In our sales reports, you can look at the daily output of each machine, so you can start assessing whether the cups made during the day meet the optimal capacity of the coffee machine.

Consumption tracking

By tracking the daily consumption, you can get valuable insights on sales distribution over the day. These data can help you easily identify rush hours and sales slumps, and determine which drinks are favored at each location the most, so you can optimize your fleet performance for maximums results.

Preventative maintenance

Take a proactive care of your coffee machines to avoid unexpected and long breakdowns and costly repairs. With the automated maintenance tool, create and customize your own upkeep schedule, receive timely alerts, and always be prepared with the right tools and machine parts that need repair or change.

How does Vendon coffee machine software ensure that every coffee machine reaches its full potential?

Vendon’s coffee machine software and telemetry solutions enable operators to remotely manage and monitor the machines with ease. With Vendon telemetry solutions in place, operators can easily track how much product has been delivered to a location and compare it to the sales results of the machines on site.

What makes Vendon unique as an IoT solutions supplier is its ability to connect to a multitude of machine models from a variety of manufacturers; for an OCS operator that works with multiple types of machines, it is a must; having two separate systems to manage the fleet is neither wise nor financially viable. With a well-developed ,coffee machine API from the IoT system provider, it’s easy to turn data into visualizations and actionable insights, which perfectly match the demands of executives, accountants and sales personnel.

Rapidly grow your business revenue
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Our coffee machine software provides the most precise real-time data, allowing to work with reports that are vital for the growth of a business. With Vendon’s coffee machine management solution, make data-based decisions to generate real-time insights and predictions to optimize your performance.
Save time and effort on your machine management
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Manage ALL your coffee machines remotely on one platform — no need to use different software for each machine or lose time to travel and check your machines on-site. Vendon coffee machine API is compatible with the biggest coffee machine manufacturers in the industry to provide our customers with machine-specific data.
Ensure the longevity of all your machines
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This solution allows getting timely alerts and notifications about any technical issues, so not only the lifetime of machines is extended, but also maintenance visit costs are reduced. On top of that, good drink quality is ensured, leading to higher revenue.
Eliminate any frauds
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Coffee machine operators without telemetry are more susceptible to fraud. With Vendon’s solutions, track the component usage and know the stock levels at all times.

By leveraging Vendon’s coffee machine software and telemetry solutions, operators in the coffee industry can obtain real-time data on the performance of their coffee machines, including sales and machine usage data. With this data, operators can analyze consumer behavior and preferences, allowing them to make informed decisions about their product offerings. In addition, Vendon’s telemetry solutions allow tracking machine technical status and improve their efficiency and longevity with automated  preventative maintenance and upkeep.

Vendon provides telemetry and IoT solutions for all types of coffee business, allowing remote control and monitoring of their machine fleet. Vendon develops coffee machine software and hardware, enabling access to machine technical and sales data for OCS operators, traditional coffee machine operators and other industry stakeholders.

Vendon has developed a convenient and seamless coffee machine API, which easily allows retrieving data from the machines and integrating them in the Vendon Cloud.

The most convenient way is to contact our team directly and apply for a free demo at grow@vendon.net. You can also contact any of our local distributors.

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