Be in complete control of all cash and encashments information

Track the cash flow of your machines to the last cent and take care of all of your cash control needs

Making sure that the coin changer has a change is not enough

While many industries are now offering customers to pay without cash, it’s a different story for the vending industry. The majority of vending and coffee machines still accept cash payments, which makes a robust cash control solution an absolute necessity.


For many operators, this is the top priority, as handling cash does not stop at making sure that the coin changer has enough change.

Main features of the encashment & cash control

Cash level tracking

For each machine account you get a complete picture of how much money the machine has at the moment — not just total values, but also the number and type of bills in the stacker, as well as the value of coins in the cashbox, split by the nominal value.

Encashment process optimization

Create an automatic encashment report that’s accessible on Vendon Cloud with the audit values registered between two cash collections, scan the money bag number that now stores cash from the cashbox and the bill stacker, and map the number to the particular cash collection, and input the actual values in the Encashment report, getting an automatic calculation of the difference and highlight any discrepancies.

Cash control routes operation

Create routes based on the cashbox value to visit machines where the total cash value exceeds a certain amount. If you collect cash at regular intervals regardless of the total value, simply tack on an encashment task to your refill route. For an even more efficient visit, get a list of machines with low tube levels and prepare refill coins in the right amount before the refiller is on his or her way.

All payment device monitor

In the machine monitoring log you’ll see if there's any problem with the coin changer or the bill validator, as their statuses are reported in real-time. You can also set up notifications to get an alert in case there's something wrong and dispatch a technician to the location immediately.

Detailed report generator

Get access to a report that gives the essential numbers for each machine since the previous cash collection. A quick look will tell you if there's an empty cashbox or an issue with the available change.

How does Vendon’s encashment and cash control solution help your business?

Rapidly grow your business revenue
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Our IoT and Telemetry platform will provide you with the most precise real-time data, allowing you to work with reports vital for your business growth. With Vendon’sencashment and cash control solution, you’ll be able to make data-based decisions to generate real-time insights and predictions to optimize your performance.
Save time and effort on your machine management
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Manage ALL your vending and coffee machines remotely on one platform — no need to use different software for each machine or lose time traveling to check your machines on-site. We work with the biggest vending machine manufacturers in the field to provide our customers with machine-specific data.
Ensure a continuous cash flow into your vending machines
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This solution allows you to easily set up reference cash values — what's the maximum number of coins the tube can have, and what's your critical level. In case the critical level is reached, you’ll get a notification. This feature can help you make sure your machines never run out of change.
Feel complete security about your income
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With Vendon you can track your income through the Vendon Cloud platform, seeing every detail and making sure no money is missing. You’ll get a complete picture of how much money the machine has at the moment. We're not talking just total values, but the number and type of bills in the stacker, and the value of coins in the cashbox, split by the nominal value.

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