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Increase customer and employee engagement by using the QuickPik loyalty platform

Provide an easy way to enjoy snacks and coffee at semi-public places with QuickPik!


Scan and enjoy your break

QuickPik is an employee loyalty platform and mobile payment app powered by Vendon IoT and Telemetry platform that allows giving employees and customers special discounts and free items, as well as limiting the number of consumptions with a fixed amount of free items for different employee groups in certain periods of time.


Add unlimited users, access 24/7

Add an unlimited number of employees who can use the QuickPik app for their convenience. Besides, the secure Vendon Cloud platform is online 24/7, so anyone can access to oversee and modify benefits at any time of the day.

Provide various benefits

Offer a discount for different products or beverages to show your appreciation and boost loyalty. Create different bonus plans for different employee groups. Set a custom amount of free products and beverages that are available as a bonus or a reward — choose the amount per day, week, or month. All renewals can be scheduled automatically.

Add a payment card

Anyone can add their payment card to the QuickPik app and pay for products or drinks by card. QuickPik app provides its own payment gateway with PCI DSS and 3D security standards, ensuring safe payment transactions. No need to carry around cash or switch between various payment apps.

Top up the wallet

Anyone can add funds to their digital wallet with cash, using a coin changer or bill validator at the vending machine.


Get detailed transactions

Receive a fully transparent transaction and purchased item list (both with or without discount), as well as virtual wallet top-ups. These transactions significantly facilitate and make more transparent the invoicing process.

Download QuickPik App here:

How does it work?

Installing and using the QuickPik platform is easy


The user can now get free or discounted snacks and beverages by scanning the QR code on the machine, while the employer can monitor purchase patterns and optimize benefits accordingly.


Why choose the QuickPik platform?

With QuickPik, you’ll be able to cut costs for your business by limiting employee consumption without taking the benefits away entirely. This platform also allows you to:

Fully control product consumption

Have full control over who gets what benefits and manage everything remotely in Vendon Cloud. No need for several different platforms.

Get income with no additional payment terminals

No need to purchase additional payment terminals as QuickPik allows anyone to add their payment card. Save setup and maintenance costs while also ensuring a lower decline rate as there is no need to enter a PIN code.

Increase convenience for your employees

Employees get free or discounted products and beverages more conveniently — simply by scanning a QR code with their phone. They can also easily top up their wallet with cash, link a payment card, and pay with QuickPik.

Get real-time advanced reporting

With the real-time reporting feature, get transaction reports that include detailed information about all the purchases and wallet top-ups. Filter these transactions by customers, locations, machines, or users. Afterward, you can easily export them for analysis or invoicing.

Limit employee

Set up a fixed amount of free items for different employees or employee groups per day, week, or month. Track and modify consumption limits with just a few clicks.

Powered by Vendon IOT, Telemetry & Payment Platform 24/7


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