Be in full control over your coffee machines

We provide solutions for Convenience stores and Petrol stations to help you maintain high-quality coffee, ensure your machines' longevity and eliminate any fraudulent actions.

How could your business benefit from remote access to the machines and real-time product and sales data?

Precise real-time data is one of the core elements to be in control of all ongoing operations. Have remote access to your coffee machines at all times and track the sold amount of coffee beans, compare the data to made coffee cups and sales transactions, and be alerted of any suspicious activities. The coffee business is very competitive hence operators often employ the pay-per-ingredient model where the machine is rented free of charge and the customer pays only for the beans.

This approach entails a risk of customers sourcing their coffee beans elsewhere to cut costs, therefore it can result in a loss of revenue

What solutions can help businesses working in this industry?

Coffee machine management

This solution helps to monitor and manage your coffee sales and machine performance activity remotely on one platform.​

Sales reports

This solution provides you with a detailed overview of transactions, location, or product performance, and allows you to analyze consumption patterns, bestselling products, and underperforming machines.

Contactless payments

This solution helps you to increase customer convenience and your business sales, as well as keep your operational costs down.

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