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A perfect way to monitor and manage your coffee and vending machines remotely, all in one platform.

vending management software
vending management system

Neverending guesswork puts your business at risk

vending management system

Be aware of the status and health of your machines and save significant money and time resources.

Always stay up to date about your machines and resolve all problems from distance instantly. Unnecessary visits to the machines, no information on their technical status until a dissatisfied customer calls – these are problems that can be easily avoided with Vendon telemetry.

If you are not using telemetry to monitor and manage your coffee and vending machines, you risk putting your business at a considerable disadvantage. Companies that use telemetry notice:

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shorter maximum downtime
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faster product refills
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decrease in unnecessary visits

Manage your business remotely with Vendon IoT and Telemetry platform

Advanced and precise real-time data

Monitor your vending and coffee machines from distance by receiving detailed real-time data. Track product consumption per machine and customer habits, analyze machine and location performance, plan efficient routes, as well as monitor the health of your machines, so you can learn about any problems before the customers do.

Avoid any worries, and save your time and money, while increasing business revenue with Vendon Telemetry!

vending machine management system

Vendon Cloud — a modern and easy-to-use IoT platform for coffee & vending machine monitoring and management

Advanced IoT platform

Monitor and manage all your coffee and vending machines in one advanced IoT and telemetry platform. The variety of reports and practical tools will help you make better decisions, eliminate machine downtime, optimize daily operations and increase revenue.

Remote vending machine management

Get a wide range of data, such as real-time machine technical status, product stock levels and sales information, consumption trends, and detailed reports to help you minimize business expenses and optimize the overall performance.

Remote coffee machine management

Get insights about the technical condition of your machines and cleaning reports, monitor sales data, ensure machine longevity, and track component usage and the quality of coffee with different parameters. Make sure that your business is running at full capacity, eliminate machine downtime and avoid any lost revenue losses.

Sales reports

Get a detailed overview of transactions, as well as the performance of location, machine and product performance. Analyze consumption patterns, bestselling products, and underperforming machines through several analytics tools.

Encashment and cash control

Have complete control of all cash and encashment information. See the exact amount of cash in your machines in real-time. Detailed encashment reports let you prevent money fraud and theft.

Route planning and stock control

Visit your machines for product refill, technical maintenance, and encashment only when it is necessary. Vendon's Route Planning module helps to eliminate unnecessary costs and optimize daily operations by always visiting the right machines at the right time and bringing the required products and tools.

Vendon Mobile App — designed to assist you on the go

To make it even easier for you, we’ve created a Vendon Mobile app, where you, product refillers, and technical teams can track and manage different activities on the go from their mobile phone.

Monitor and manage:
– Real-time technical and “out-of-stock” alerts
– Machine overviews
– Product refills
– Machine performance
– Encashments
and much more.

Download Vendon Mobile App here:

vending machine management system

Vendon Hardware — the ultimate telemetry device for your vending and coffee machines

vending iot

Collect data from vending and coffee machines

Vendon vBox is a purpose-made hardware unit that collects data from vending and coffee machines and transmits the collected data over cellular network to the secure Vendon Cloud.

vBox2 supports all the standard industry protocols, such as MBD, EXE, CCI, and BDV, as well as other proprietary standards and protocols.

This versatile device also supports different add-ons, such as coin changers, barcode scanners, bill validators, temperature sensors, and many more. Just connect them to the vBox and watch the magic happen, as the collected data is transmitted to the Vendon Cloud platform via RESTful API.

All vBox user interactions are supported via the function button and confirmed with sound signals, allowing effortless management of the Vendon Telemetry solution.

1 device, 2 solutions

Short comparison of Vendon VBox devices

Standard Master

Plug and Play Installation

Easy installation of Vendon telemetry solution

EVA DTS Support

Daily audit readout for complete machine information

Real-time Data

Real-time information about vending machine fleet status

Remote Price Change

Ability to remotely change prices of products

Remote Credit Push

Function to remotely push credit to a consumer if a desired product has not been received

Remote Enabling/Disabling of Product Lines

Ability to remotely enable and disable certain product lines

Complete Remote Control

Vendon vBox, very intelligently, takes over control of the vending machine

Grow your business sales with Vendon IoT and Telemetry platform

Vendon Cloud enables to:

Get precise data in real-time
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Monitor ALL your machines remotely in a single platform, getting precise real-time data about sales, stock levels, machine, and product performance, as well as timely alerts about any technical issues.
Save time and money by eliminating unnecessary visits
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Avoid unnecessary visits to a machine by using convenient tools and features like remote price change, product planograms, remote machine reboot, and temperature sensor settings.
Customize user permissions
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Create different access levels to particular data or alerts so that specific employees see only what is relevant to them.
Make data-based business decisions
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With the diverse range of data, you’ll be able to make well-founded and effective decisions that will drive rapid growth for your business.
Access all the data 24/7
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The secure Vendon Cloud platform can be accessed online any day of the week at any time of the day, so you can monitor and manage your machines, eliminating possible downtimes. All platform updates are done automatically and are free of charge.
Seamless integrations with 3rd party services
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Get all the necessary data into any of your internal systems (like CRM, ERP, and others) or other 3rd party services via Vendon’s RESTful API.
smart vending

Take full control over your business and start growing sales today!

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