Increase your business revenue

Get a detailed overview of transactions, location, machine or product performance, and analyze consumption patterns, bestselling products, and underperforming machines.

Without precise sales data, you can’t grow your business


To make your business grow, you have to be aware of your sales numbers — is the revenue increasing, what products are sold the most, why hasn’t there been a purchase for a certain period of time, etc.

Without these data, procedures, like filling the machine with top-selling products, take a lot of guesswork. Even more so, you have to make sense of what makes certain products sell out faster than others that stay unsold for extended periods of time.

How does Vendon help your vending and coffee machines reach their full potential?

Rapidly grow your business revenue

Our IoT and Telemetry platform will provide you with the most precise real-time data, allowing you to work with reports that are vital for your business growth. With Vendon’s sales report solution, you’ll be able to make data-based decisions to generate real-time insights and predictions to optimize your performance.

Save time and effort on your machine management

Manage ALL your vending and coffee machines remotely on one platform — no need to use different software for each machine or lose time traveling to check your machines on-site. We work with the biggest vending machine manufacturers in the field to provide our customers with machine-specific data.

Plan data-based marketing activities

Our data reports will allow you to get a detailed insight into the purchase tendencies, adjust product prices remotely, replace products, see the number of remaining products, and plan refillings in a timely manner.

Get full transparency

With our sales reports, you’ll be able to eliminate any fraud. If you’re working with the revenue share model, both parties (you and your customers) get access to the sales data, allowing you to track any inconsistencies that may point to fraud or theft actions.

Get insights into your sales reports and grow revenue!

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