Real-time machine monitoring and remote management in one platform

Take full control over your Vending and Coffee business

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Most advanced Telemetry, Payment, and Loyalty Program solutions for Vending & Coffee businesses

We provide reliable telemetry and payment solutions to make data-based business decisions while increasing the overall ROI at the same time

Remote Machine Management

Monitor and manage remotely all coffee and vending machines in a single IoT and telemetry platform in real-time.

The variety of reports and valuable tools helps make smart data-based decisions, decrease machine downtime and improve their longevity, optimize daily operations, and increase business revenue.


Affordable Contactless Payments

Allows providing various payment options and avoid unnecessary service visits for cash collection.

Increase the convenience for customers by enabling diverse payment methods – contactless debit & credit cards, smart device payments, NFC mobile, and closed-loop payment methods.


Loyalty platform & Mobile Payment App

Increase employee and customer engagement, loyalty, and convenience with a customized bonus and reward system.

The loyalty platform allows giving special discounts and free items, as well as enables limiting the number of consumptions with a fixed amount of free items for adjusted groups of employees or customers.


Improve business quality and increase your revenue

Vendon solutions enable many long-term benefits

Reduced travel costs
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Telemetry allows operators to limit or eliminate fuel costs as well as optimize other resources by always visiting the right machines at the right time, and bringing the necessary refill products or service tools.
Less machine downtime
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Our system provides precise data about the health of all machines and their real-time maintenance needs, sending timely alerts about various technical issues.
Improved business sales
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The real-time status and reports give access to detailed product stock and sales data, allowing efficient planning of refill and maintenance routes. Obtaining up-to-date technical and transaction information reduces costs and improves sales.
Premium customer support
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Receive continuous and superb service during the testing and onboarding process as well as during the roll-out. Always feel supported and safe by getting help from our team of professionals that will answer any of your questions.
Ability to integrate third-party systems
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Vendon’s RESTful API enables integration of any third-party system into Vendon Cloud, using our easy-to-understand protocols.

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