Affordable Contactless Payments for Vending & Coffee machines

Increase sales and customer convenience while also lowering your operational costs


Demand for contactless payments is growing!


Lack of contactless payment options on your machines is a missed opportunity to grow business revenue

The usage of contactless payment options has grown to nearly 30% in the past three years as 1 in 5 consumers don’t carry around cash anymore. In some countries, over 80% of all retail transactions are now non-cash transactions.

Vendon Contactless Payment solution is easy to install

Full control over the payments

Take complete control over the payments and notice a significant decrease in cost and increase in profit.

Powered by the most advanced IoT technology, Vendon Contactless Reader allows customers to choose from multiple payment methods and pay effortlessly — an excellent way to turn an onlooker into a customer.


Why choose the contactless payment solution?

Decreased costs & increased sales

Avoid unnecessary visits and the costly process of handling cash in machines while growing sales at the same time. Studies show a 37% increase in customer spending when paying by card.

Multiple payment methods

Adapt to your customer needs - different payment options include contactless debit & credit cards, NFC mobile, smart device payments, and closed-loop payment methods.

Free and fast money transfers

Choose when to receive money transfers to your bank account – daily, weekly, or monthly. No extra or hidden fees.

A more convenient way to pay

A faster, cleaner, and more convenient way to pay. Meet the needs of your customers and increase revenue at the same time.

Simplicity and affordable price

Just plug and play to start accepting contactless payments. Affordable prices and simplicity in design, combined with advanced Vendon IoT and telemetry, make it a great alternative to already existing solutions on the market.

Highest level of security

The whole Vendon ecosystem (payments, telemetry, 3rd party integrations, etc.) is operating according to the highest security standards. Vendon Payments are PCI DSS L1 Service Provider compliant.

Ensures faster payment processing

The payment is confirmed as soon as a customer scans their credit card, allowing them to receive the goods within 3 seconds. Even after a faulty transaction, the money is transferred back to the customer’s bank account within a blink of an eye.

Powered by Vendon IOT, Telemetry & Payment Platform 24/7


Contactless payments are the key to optimize your coffee and vending business

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