Enable telemetry management software for traditional coffee machines

Access real-time data collected from the traditional coffee machines and monitor and manage them remotely

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Traditional Coffee Machine Remote Management

Enhance your coffee business with ease

With the Traditional Coffee Telemetry solution, it is now possible to access real-time data collected from traditional coffee machines and monitor and manage them remotely, enabling making data-driven decisions to optimize business operations and enhance the overall quality of provided service and drinks.

Vendon telemetry software excels in measuring critical parameters that directly impact the quality of the coffee beverages produced. The real-time monitoring ensures that each cup meets the desired standards and, if deviations occur, adjustments can be made remotely to fine-tune the machine’s settings for optimal brewing.

Open up a world of possibilities

Traditional Coffee Telemetry is an invaluable tool for traditional coffee machine operators and businesses or stakeholders in the coffee industry – coffee roasters, cafe managers, machine manufacturers, coffee shop chain owners, coffee machine technical service companies as well as coffee baristas. 

The solution enables two-way communication with the traditional coffee machine, allowing not only collecting data from the machines but also changing the machine setup remotely, like water volume and temperature. The solution is fully compatible with Vendon vBox and is integrated with Vendon Cloud, enabling convenient management and machine monitoring.

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360-degree telemetry solution

Traditional Coffee Telemetry solution allows more thorough maintenance and upkeep of traditional coffee machines as a cleaning counter provides detailed information on how regularly the cleaning of each machine group is carried out. Monitor all machine events and receive any technical alerts to make sure the machine is used correctly and is well-maintained.

What are the benefits of the traditional coffee telemetry solution?

Component usage and tracking

Compare the number of beans delivered to customers with the actual ingredient consumption, therefore easily spot any inconsistencies. Such data plays a vital role in determining if the coffee shop is not using beans from other suppliers. The solution also tracks cups dispensed from each selection and each group remotely.

Technical status of machines

The remote technical monitoring of the machines allows for noting any deviance or errors in the operation of the machine. The solution tracks temperatures of the water and steam, thus detecting if any technical problems occur that reflect temperature deviation.

Cleaning reports

Acquire data to see if the machine is cleaned properly and if regular maintenance is carried out, and save on the maintenance costs. With this information at hand, taste and quality questions are easily addressed and customers always enjoy fresh coffee. The solution allows more thorough maintenance and upkeep of machines as now a cleaning counter provides detailed information on how regularly the cleaning of each machine group is carried out.

Quality of the drinks

Enable complete control of product making as the solution tracks water flow rate time, which is a basic parameter that determines the quality of the drink. Vendon’s solution measures if the time set in the recipe matches the actual brewing time, thus ensuring the best taste. Increase customer satisfaction with the best quality drinks as the machine is well-maintained, regularly cleaned, and has a properly set up recipe at all times.

Preventative maintenance

Take proactive care of your coffee machines to avoid unexpected and long breakdowns and costly repairs. Receive real-time alerts, and always be prepared with the right tools and machine parts that need repair or change.

Remote recipe management

Enjoy more centralized control of the drink-making process as now it is easier to adapt to any changes in the drink recipes as the water amount in the recipe can be changed remotely along with the water temperature. The solution allows remote change of the recipe, allowing to avoid unnecessary traveling on-site to each machine.

Be one step ahead of your machines and keep them running at all times!

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