Affordable Contactless Payments
for the Vending & Coffee machines

Decrease costs & increase sales

Handling cash in machines is a costly process. With contactless payments, you can avoid unnecessary visits for cash collection and increase sales at the same time (studies show a 37% increase in customer spending when paying by card).

A faster and cleaner way to pay

People view contactless and cashless payments as a faster, more convenient, and cleaner way to pay, especially during a pandemic. Enable contactless payments to meet your customer needs and increase revenue.

Multiple payment methods

Give choice to your customers and capture every sale you can. Provide a more convenient way for any customer to pay at the machine – contactless debit & credit cards, NFC mobile, smart device payments, and closed-loop payment methods.

Simplicity and affordable price

Just plug-and-play to start accepting contactless payments. Affordable price and simplicity in design, combined with advanced Vendon IoT and telemetry functionality makes it a great alternative to existing solutions on the market.

Free and fast money transfers

With Vendon Contactless Payment solution, you can choose when to receive money transfer to your bank account – daily, weekly, or monthly. No extra or hidden costs.

The Highest level of security

The whole Vendon ecosystem (payments, telemetry, 3rd party integrations, etc.) is operating according to the highest security standards. Vendon Payments are PCI DSS L1 Service Provider compliant.

Powered by the most advanced IoT and telemetry platform for the vending & coffee businesses

Real-time sales & technical data

Get visibility of all your machines in real-time. Track the performance and health of the entire fleet in one platform. Decrease machine downtime by getting timely alerts about technical issues.

Loyalty and mobile payment solutions

Vendon has also developed and enabled various closed-loop, mobile payment, and loyalty solutions such as QuickPik, barcode scanner integrations, etc. Solutions are powered by the Vendon IoT platform.

Route Planning, Stock & Cash Control

Avoid unnecessary visits to machines and reduce fuel and labour costs by planning efficient routes with the Route Planning module. Visit the right machines at the right time and with the right products and tools.

Analyze consumption & performance

Vendon analytics and advanced reporting tools will help you to see changes in customer behavior, product and machine performance and increase the profitability of each machine.
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