Vendon Cloud

Modern easy-to-use IoT platform for coffee & vending machine monitoring and management


Real-time machine monitoring

Get visibility of all your machines in real-time – track sales, stock levels, machine and product performance, and get timely alerts about technical issues.


Remote machine management

Avoid unnecessary visits to a machine by using convenient tools and features like remote price change, product planograms, remote machine reboot, temperature sensor settings, etc.


Multiple payment solutions

Provide multiple ways to pay at the machine - contactless cards and NFC mobile payments, closed-loop payments, QR code mobile payments and loyalty solutions such as QuickPik, barcode scanner and printer integrations, etc.


Real-time advanced reporting

Analyze product, machine and location performance, consumption patterns, changes in consumer behavior with detailed reports and analytics. Take action to decrease downtime and increase profitability.


Unlimited users, 24/7 access

Secure Vendon Cloud platform is online 24/7. Unlimited number of users can access it anywhere in the world at any time from any device.


Seamless API Integrations

Vendon provides seamless integrations with 3rd party services or internal systems (CRM, ERP, etc) via API.

Cloud Dashboard | Vendon

Modern IoT platform

Monitor and manage all your coffee and vending machines in one modern IoT and telemetry platform. Variety of reports and valuable tools will help you to make better decisions, decrease machine downtime, optimize daily operations and increase revenue.

Vending & Coffee machines remote monitoring software | Vendon

Consumption reports and analytics

Get detailed overview of transactions, location, machine and product performance. Analyze consumption patterns, bestselling products, underperfoming machines through various analytics tools. Use advanced sales reports to issue correct invoices.

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Vending & Coffee machines monitoring software and management system | Vendon

Machine techical events and alerts

Any machine downtime or empty stock equates to lost income. Track the performance and health of the entire fleet in one platform and get alerts about machines' technical issues in real-time.

Vending & Coffee machines monitoring software and management system | Vendon

Encashment and cash control

Vendon puts you in complete control of all cash and encashments information. See in real-time exact amount of cash in the machines. Detailed encashment reports will help to prevent money fraud and theft. Digitize process by collecting data remotely.

Route planning and Inventory tracking for Vending & Coffee machines | Vendon

Route Planning and stock control

Visit your machines for product refill, technical maintenance, and encashment only when it is necessary. Vendon's Route Planning module will help you to eliminate unnecessary costs and optimize daily operations by always visiting the right machines at the right time and with the right products and tools.

Vendon Mobile App – designed to assist you on the go

Product refillers and technical teams can track and manage various activities on the go from their mobile phone. Real-time technical and “out-of-stock” alerts, Machines overview, Product refills, Machine performance, Encashments, etc.

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Mobile app for Vending and Coffee management and monitoring – route planning, inventory tracking, sales reports for | Vendon

Vendon LLC and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on February 7th, 2017 signed agreement No SKV-L-2017/63, which incorporates the project “Promotion of International competitiveness” that is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

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