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Complete telemetry solution

Full telemetry solution

We firmly believe that there’s much more to telemetry solutions than sales reports, thus Vendon has introduced a unique software system that ensures a high level of flexibility by offering a variety of business tools, helping customers to make better decisions both on a daily basis and strategically.

Much more than sales reports

Vendon sales reports consist of comprehensive summaries of all machine sales, providing an easy way to follow purchases daily and sort them using various filters.

Real-time Machine Fleet Monitoring

Vendon technical monitoring solution allows to detect the machine fleet’s technical status, thus limiting machine downtime.

Sales Analytics

Vendon sales analytics tools aid sales performance optimization and improve the overall profitability through planogram recommendations.

Technical monitoring

Real-time machine fleet monitoring helps to track actual stock levels, eliminating the possibility of long-lasting empty shelves.


Vendon Events section provides the latest information about the condition of your machine fleet, leaving you fully informed.


The encashment section supplies a full list of all encashments made, according to the time period, employee, machine or machine group, gaining effective machine supervision.

Cash Control

Vendon cash log tracks the status of coin mechanisms and bill acceptors, allowing to view information about money in tubes, cashbox, bill stacker and tokens.

Business tools include

The business tools developed by Vendon and enjoyed by our customers include:

Real time statistics

Real-time machine fleet monitoring
Real-time sales tracking and reporting in various formats

Technical monitoring

Detailed technical monitoring
Remote temperature measurement and tracking

Payment solutions

Cash control
Enabler for mobile payment platforms for vending
Integrated service with major credit-card payment platforms

Stock analytics

Machine inventory tracking
Refill route planning and tasks
Forecasting and planning tools
Profitability analysis per client/location/machine/product

Remote access

Mobile app for on-the-road personnel
Customizable alerting schedules
Remote machine configuration changes including remote free-vend


Real-time synchronization with leading European vending ERP systems
Open APIs for integration with 3rd party services

Machine diagnostics

Easily accessible information about your machine fleet’s technical status.

Mobile App

Comprehensive summary of the complete Vendon solution. Designed to assist with daily operations, not skipping a thing – all activities can be managed from your mobile phone.

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Machine fleet location

Ability to see machine location on a digital map.


Encashments done by a touch of the screen of your mobile phone.

Product refill & route planning

Readily available information about your machines’ current stock.

Fleet overview

Complete summary of your machine fleet status.

Vendon LLC and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on February 7th, 2017 signed agreement No SKV-L-2017/63, which incorporates the project “Promotion of International competitiveness” that is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.

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