Take full control over your coffee machines

Vendon provides solutions for Coffee vending businesses to help you remotely monitor and manage your coffee sales and machine performance activity, plan visits, and reduce operational costs.

Avoid constant guesswork when running your Coffee vending business

A lot of time and money can be wasted on unnecessary machine management visits if the coffee vending machines are not monitored remotely. 

Without precise real-time data, most maintenance procedures take a lot of guesswork, which can increase downtime, leading to lost revenue and unsatisfied customers.

What solutions can help businesses working in this industry?

Vending machine management

This solution helps to monitor and manage your machine performance activity and vending sales remotely

Sales reports

This solution provides you with a detailed overview of transactions, location, or product performance, and allows you to analyze consumption patterns, bestselling products, and underperforming machines.

Contactless payments

This solution helps you to increase customer convenience and your business sales, as well as keep your operational costs down.

Encashment & cash control

Have complete control of all cash and encashments information and access real-time exact amount of cash in the machines.

Route planning

Eliminate unnecessary visits with route planning and pre-kitting solution.

Remote Machine Restart

Avoid unnecessary visits to your machines by fixing simple technical issues more quickly and from a distance.

Vendon App

Vendon Mobile app offers complete access to the real-time data and management of machines.

Powered by Vendon IoT, Telemetry & Payment Platform 24/7


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