2023, Vendon is ready for you

The end of the year always comes a bit sooner than expected. We all know the feeling of the neverending December rush and always are surprised by the too-long to-do list that is holding us in a tight grip till the moment we choose to just let it go and deal with some (or most) of it in January. In any case, it is good to add a bit of smile to these last days of the year and remember that really nothing is worth our well-being and that some holiday fun is quite necessary after a year’s run, too.

Humour aside, I would like to reflect on 2022 and what has it brought to Vendon. And it is quite a lot. While recent years have seen steady growth for the company and our team has been unstoppable despite many global events, this summer saw a milestone in Vendon’s history as we celebrated joining to Azkoyen Group family. I am proud to say that this year we have established our position as a global player and we are carrying this title with pride and gratitude.

The acquisition process has been a long journey and I am thankful to the Vendon team who have been nothing but supportive amid the changes and have only been welcoming for a better future for the company. Despite the challenges we faced, we were able to achieve so much together and I am grateful to have such talented and driven people by my side. Our core value throughout all years remains a tight and devoted team and 2022 has proven its importance tremendously. I believe we have no limit to our potential and I am glad to see it proven again and again on a daily basis.

The hard work of Vendon is clearly reflected in the many product and feature developments that have been rolled out in 2022. Our team has been tirelessly working on updates for our QuickPik loyalty program, improved our card payment solutions, introduced new features for our telemetry solutions and Vendon Cloud, and, to top it all, launched a brand new product Remote Reboot Plug to significantly ease the remote management of machines and save resources at these times when cost-efficiency is more important than ever. Besides, there are more surprises and announcements saved for the next year too.

And last but not least, a strong team with strong values can bring all of it to the main part of our job – to our valued and loyal partners, customers, and everyday product users. There is no limit to our appreciation for each and every one of you. No limit to gratitude for each feedback we receive that helps us move forward with improvements and think of new solutions and adjustments. At the end of the day, you all are the main driving force for our team to build a better product, come up with new surprising features, and continuously take Vendon to the next level.

I wish all of you a very happy new year, filled with love for what you do, filled with many surprises and good health, above everything. I do not doubt that we will continue to face new challenges and opportunities, but I have confidence in our ability to tackle whatever comes our way.

I believe that 2023 will be significant for all of us to stay united and strong in this ever-changing world and support those who need it the most. Vendon is ready to do so and we welcome you all along!

Kristians Vebers, CEO

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