​Vendon launches an affordable & easy-to-integrate payment solution for Vending and Coffee machines

Vendon – a global IoT, telemetry, and payment solutions provider – introduces an affordable and easy-to-integrate contactless payment solution for Vending and Coffee machines. Contactless Payments is an essential add-on to Vendon IoT and telemetry solutions that ensures operators have the comprehensive toolset they need to grow their business.

Vendon Contactless Payments is an ideal solution for Vending and Coffee businesses looking to modernize and optimize their fleets in bulk, as well as for solo entrepreneurs trying out a contactless payment solution for the first time, and for everyone in between.

Vendon Contactless Payment solution accepts all the most popular types of contactless payments including contactless credit and debit cards, mobile and smart device payments, and works with closed-loop payment systems. This makes it suitable for any location, be it a tabletop coffee machine in an office or a free-standing vending machine in a shopping center.

Paired with the most advanced IoT and telemetry platform for vending and coffee machines, this solution ensures operators have the comprehensive toolset they need to grow their business. Vendon’s IoT solution enables remote Vending and Coffee machine management, as well as provides a complete real-time overview of the machine fleet allowing for data-driven decision making for optimizing business. Vendon solutions are compatible with 700+ machine models from 45+ manufacturers.

Starting at €199 means the Vendon Contactless Reader is the smart choice for Vending and Coffee businesses seeking an affordable contactless payment option that goes toe-to-toe with more expensive market solutions in terms of features, aesthetics, and functionality.

Vendon Contactless Payments features:

  • Accepts contactless credit & debit cards – Visa, Mastercard
  • Accepts NFC mobile payments – GPay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay
  • The highest level of security – PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider compliant
  • EMV Level 3 certified
  • Works with MiFare closed-loop payment solutions
  • Low monthly fee
  • Premium support
  • Easy setup
  • Powered by the Vendon IoT and telemetry platform
  • Real-time sales and technical data from machines

Vendon Contactless Payments is currently available in EEA (European Economic Area) with plans to expand internationally.

As industry pioneers since 2011, we pride ourselves on having some of the fastest and most efficient customer support in the vending and coffee industry because we understand that every minute of downtime equates to lost revenue. Our friendly professionals are there for you when you need them and will help you resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Over the last 3 years, the number of cashless transactions worldwide has grown by nearly 33% topping 250 billion and the growth will accelerate even further in the coming years, in large part due to the coronavirus.

Given the global rise of cashless transactions, Vendon Contactless Payments is a necessary addition to any Vending or Coffee business seeking to grow their revenue and future-proof their operations.

To learn more or schedule a free Demo Session – get in touch with the Vendon team directly at grow@vendon.net or your local distributor.

Vendon is a global IoT company, providing advanced telemetry, business intelligence and payment solutions for the Vending & Coffee industry. We serve the largest food and beverage brands worldwide and thousands of companies in more than 75 countries – helping them to remotely manage their machines, optimize daily business, win more customers and grow revenue.

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