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​What is Vendon Mobile and how does it help in the daily operations of Vending and Coffee operators?

​What is Vendon Mobile and how does it help in the daily operations of Vending and Coffee operators?

For those unfamiliar with Vendon Mobile or still searching for the best IoT and Telemetry solution for their Vending or Coffee business, here is a short wrap-up of what Vendon Mobile has to offer.

Easy-to-read dashboard & quick access to data

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of the situation in your account and alerts you to any issues you might need to pay attention to.

In addition, use the dashboard to quickly view the sales results of your machine fleet over a longer period of time. The charts available in the dashboard will come in handy to site managers who want to make sure the machine is operating normally.

All dashboard blocks are interactive – just tap on any of the blocks for detailed information.

All the essential information about each machine in real-time

One of the biggest advantages of the Vendon Mobile is that it contains all the essentials about each machine, from settings to sales data, which makes it great for using on the road, during installations, and service visits.

In the machine account section you can view:

  • connectivity
  • audit availability
  • stock levels
  • cash information
  • signal strength
  • temperature (if available)
  • connected peripherals and their status

Remote machine management

View and update machine info, such as its name, description, type, model, currency, telemetry unit, etc. Any changes made will be immediately synchronized with Vendon Cloud.

  • Reboot machine (only if the remote reboot plug is attached to the machine)
  • Update the location, change the photo, and request an audit readout.
  • Add, edit or remove peripherals
  • For the stock levels and selections – add or remove selections, edit refill values or update recipes. Simply tap on a product to view its settings and make changes as needed
  • Stock levels after the refill don't quite match what you see in the machine? No problem, adjust the stock levels manually via the Inventory screen
  • Collect cash and scan or enter the cashbag number.

Control the health of your machine fleet

Responding as quickly as possible, ideally, the moment a technical issue arises is essential for minimizing machine downtime and maintaining healthy operations. The event section in Vendon Mobile is an integral part of understanding the health of the machine.

In Vendon Mobile, you will be able to access all events received from your machines over the last seven days.

Plan efficient routes to eliminate costs

Explore a wide list of features in the Vendon Mobile Route Planning module – refills, encashment, and tube refill tasks, technical maintenance and task lists, etc.

View which machines must be visited, as well as the status of the route and whether the machine has been serviced or not. In addition, use the picklist to view the products/components to fill the machine with, and their planned and filled amounts.

Interested to know more about Vendon Route Planning? Continue reading –  Eliminate unnecessary visits and save on travel costs with Vendon Route Planning.

To learn more or schedule a free Demo Session – get in touch with the Vendon team directly at or your local distributor.

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