Effortless Mobile Payments with QuickPik App

Loyalty Platform and Payment App for Vending

If there’s one thing customers always have with them, it’s their smartphone. It has become a veritable multipurpose tool responsible for many-an-activity: from calling and texting, to organizing meetings, tracking steps, and shopping. 

Historically, the vending and coffee industry has relied on cash heavily but it has been unable to evade the rise of faster, cleaner, and more flexible payment methods, such as contactless and mobile payments. The cold hard truth is that consumers are no longer willing to forgo speed and convenience when it comes to using the vending machine or getting coffee. 

Yet, there is an opportunity to attract impulse buyers and motivate consumers to visit their favorite machines more frequently, and it is readily available to Vendon customers. Enabling QuickPik open-loop payments on your machines will bring numerous benefits to you as an operator, to your customers, and to the consumers. Read all about it here!

QuickPik Open loop – mobile card payments

QuickPik by Vendon is a loyalty and mobile payment solution that employers frequently use to increase employee engagement. This is achieved via discounts and recurring free product allowances at the vending and coffee machines on company premises. However, if the meals, snacks, and drinks are not fully subsidized, the question of additional payment arises. While the QuickPik solution includes a virtual wallet rechargeable by cash, this also places an additional burden on the operator to take care of the coin changer and bill validator.

QuickPik’s open loop takes this worry away – consumers can link their payment card straight to their QuickPik account and manage payments via the app, with all their discounts automatically applied. It’s extremely convenient for consumers as well since they do not have to keep spare change in their pockets to enjoy an afternoon snack. 



What makes QuickPik genuinely unique is that the solution fits both closed-loop and open-loop environments. It’s a game-changer for consumers: the same app that allows them to get discounted products in their workplace can be used for payment at any machine with the QuickPik sticker on, be it in another city or even another country! 

Detailed transaction history allows tracking the snacking habits easily as all past sales are readily available in the app. Instead of going for a chocolate bar every afternoon, a customer might opt for a sandwich the next time. Since healthy choices are frequently higher-value items, that will incidentally lead to an increase in revenue for the operator. 



Security concerns are addressed as well. As this is a mobile payment option, there are no PIN codes and no limits involved, which can sometimes be an issue with contactless payments. The QuickPik solution is fully compliant with the PCI DSS and PSD2 requirements, including Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which increases the security of online payments.

Boost your sales with QuickPik Open Loop

Additional revenue stream

Including mobile payments in the offering has multiple benefits for the operator. First, it provides an additional revenue stream in closed environments and public vending without investing in additional hardware. For QuickPik card payments to work, you only need the machine, the vBox, the QuickPik sticker with QR code, and the customer with the QuickPik app! These can be consumers who use QuickPik as a closed-loop solution elsewhere or customers who don’t enjoy carrying around cash on a regular basis. 

Easier refunds

Second, supporting consumers is much easier for operators that provide QuickPik with open-loop payments. Vendon Cloud interface displays both successful and failed transactions. This makes troubleshooting effortless since you know exactly why a particular transaction did not go through. Moreover, if the customer has accidentally received an expired product, refunds can be handled from Vendon Cloud with ease. If the transaction is canceled on the same day as it happens, the customer is refunded instantly. 

Daily payouts

Third, it is a great way to ensure that the operator’s funds are not frozen up. In a regular scenario, the coin changer and the bill validator collect tens and hundreds of euros between machine visits, and you always have to leave a part of this money as a change. With QuickPik open-loop payments by Vendon, you get daily payouts free of charge, so you can use the funds immediately for further investments in the growth of your business.

Full control of machines

The QuickPik open-loop solution works in combination with the Vendon IoT telemetry platform, which means you remain in full control of the machines. From issue monitoring to consumption trends, to detailed analytics, all of the tools required to run a successful vending or coffee business are at your fingertips 24/7. 

QuickPik open loop is currently available for vending & coffee operators in the European Economic Area, the UK, and Switzerland. To learn more about how Vendon can help drive your business, reach out to us at grow@vendon.net ​​or your local Vendon Distributor. 


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