Manage your machine power supply remotely

Technical problems or other issues are often solved by simply disconnecting the machine from power and re-plugging it after a short while. Remote machine restart functionality allows you to restart the machine with one click in Vendon Cloud.

  • Save time and travel costs
  • Integrated into Vendon Cloud and Vendon App
  • Resolve technical issues quickly from a distance

Take complete control over your machines and resolve technical issues with just one click

Resolve minor technical issues by simply restarting the machine remotely. Tests show that a simple hard reset resolve 70% of machine issues.

Remote Reboot Plug by Vendon is designed for vBox2 additional functionality – a remote restart of the machine. It is controlled by vBox2 via cable and managed through Vendon Cloud.

Reduce the frequency of technical maintenance

Technical problems or other issues are often solved with a simple reboot of the machine.Vendon Remote reboot Plug functionality allows you to reboot the machine just with one click in Vendon Cloud.

Cost-saving tool for an affordable price

Each machine visit costs you money. Remote reboot Plug comes with an affordable price, and most importantly you will save on such business costs as labor, fuel, and time.

Plug and play

The Remote reboot Plug is super easy to set up. It is an efficient and self-proven tool worth investing in.

How does it work?

The Remote Reboot Plug is plugged into a wall socket, while the plug of the machine is plugged into the socket of the Reboot Plug.

Reboot Plug is connected to vBox2 with the cable provided in the set. Once connected to vBox2, remote reboot settings must be configured in Vendon Cloud.

The admin enables the remote reboot functionality in Vendon Cloud. Once it is done – the machine can be remotely restarted through vBox2 commands with just one click.

What are the benefits of the remote machine restart solution?

Save money and time on unnecessary visits

Resolve minor technical issues by simply restarting the machine remotely. Tests show that a simple hard reset resolve 70% of machine issues.

Increase machine service efficiency

The remote machine restart solution’s features increase machine service efficiency, ensuring that small technical issues are quickly fixed by restarting the machine from a distance.

Reduce machine downtime

A quick remote restart of the machine significantly decreases the machine’s downtime if an issue has occurred. The customers don’t have to wait until the machine is fixed by a technician’s visit on-site.

More revenue

Fixing the machine by a remote restart reduces the downtime and ensures an instant fix to continue bringing in revenue from the sales.

Save time and effort on your machine management

Manage your vending machine status remotely in Vendon Cloud — no need to use different software for each machine or lose time traveling to check your machines on-site.

Fresh and tasty products

Issues with electricity can make fresh snacks and drinks go bad. Complete control over the power supply of the machines allows avoiding situations when a machine is down and does not provide the necessary temperature.

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