Vending Trends for 2023: Embracing Sustainability and Innovation

As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future, it’s important to understand the tendencies that will shape the vending industry in 2023. While 2022 has been a year of change and adaptation, it seems that this trend seems to continue in 2023 as well. The ever-evolving world presents us with an ongoing challenge to make smart decisions and smoothly navigate through these changes.

Sustainability and efficiency above everything

One of the most significant trends we see on the horizon is a continued focus on a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability is a buzzword that has been at the forefront of many industries in recent years, and it is no different for the vending industry. As we look ahead to 2023, the need for sustainable practices and solutions is more pressing than ever. The energy cost has been rising for some time, and recent events such as the war in Europe have only accelerated this trend. With energy costs rising and consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs.

One way that vending companies are embracing sustainability is by investing in fuel-efficient products and solutions. These solutions not only help reduce environmental impact but also assist businesses in saving valuable resources. Vendon, a leading vending telemetry product and solution provider, offers a range of services to help businesses reduce their energy consumption. One such service is route planning, which allows businesses to optimize their vending machine routes, reducing the need for unnecessary travel and energy usage. Another product is the Remote Reboot plug, which allows remote restart of vending machines, reducing the need for on-site maintenance and energy usage.

Sports and new year’s resolutions

Another trend we see gaining momentum in 2023 is the growing popularity of self-service machines in gyms and fitness centers. With more people focusing on their health and fitness, vending machines that dispense sports drinks and other healthy options have become increasingly popular. This makes it more convenient for gym-goers to stay hydrated and energized and helps reduce plastic waste by allowing customers to refill their own bottles.

Vendon offers inventory and refilling planning solutions to help businesses keep up with consumer demand and reduce waste.

The vending machines can serve anything now

Finally, we see vending machines moving beyond traditional snacks and beverages to offer a broader range of products. Vending machines have become a substitute for small, local shops, offering everything from medicine to fishing hooks. This shift in consumer behavior has led to businesses diversifying their product portfolios and expanding the range of goods they offer. Our telemetry offers integrations with third parties to verify age for products that require age verification, making it possible for businesses to sell a wide range of products remotely.

What will the year bring?

Overall, as we look ahead to 2023, it’s clear that vending companies will need to continue to adapt and innovate in order to meet the changing needs of consumers and stay competitive in the market. By embracing sustainability along with new technologies, vending companies can stay ahead of the curve and continue to thrive in the years to come.

Vendon is determined to stay on top of the trends and adapt in advance to be there for vending businesses and their customers offering flexible and versatile telemetry solutions and products. 

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